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Eco-Friendly E-Waste Recycling Solutions

Ethical disposal of electronics for a greener tomorrow from Perth to Two Rocks. Trust Thistle Waste Removals, your WA family-owned and operated waste removal experts.

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Thistle Waste Removals general junk and e-waste removal in Perth, Western Australia.
Rubbish removal services in Perth provided by Thistle Waste Removals.
Upcycle Your Old Electronics

E-Waste Recycling

Thistle Waste Removals is your partner in responsible e-waste disposal and recycling.

Our specialised e-waste recycling services are designed to help you safely and eco-consciously dispose of old electronics, contributing to a cleaner environment and minimising electronic waste's impact on our planet.

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, our e-waste recycling service offers a convenient and sustainable solution.

No Need For A Skip Bin, We Do The Heavy Lifting!

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Our experienced team will remove all your waste without you needing to lift a finger. No need for a skip bin, no need to move your waste, just give us a call and we'll sort it out for you!

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How To Book E-Waste Removal


Get A Free Estimate

Prior to booking any services with Thistle Waste Removals, we will provide a complete and transparent estimate of costs.


Book A Service

Choose the waste removal service that fits your needs and schedule. Contact us via phone or email to set up a convenient time for waste removal.


Removal Day

On the appointed day, our local & friendly team will arrive at your location. We'll handle the heavy lifting and ensure a smooth removal process.

WA Family-Owned & Operated

Why Choose Thistle Waste Removals?

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Data Security

We understand the importance of data security. Our team takes precautions to ensure that all personal and sensitive data is erased from electronic devices before disposal.

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Environment Focused

Electronics contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment if not disposed of properly. Our services prioritise safe disposal methods and responsible recycling to minimise these impacts.

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Recycling Focus

We work with certified recycling facilities to ensure that e-waste is properly processed and recycled in accordance with industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

E-Waste Recycling

We collect a wide range of e-waste, including old computers, laptops, monitors, printers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.